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© 2019 av Frostrøyk/Byen vår Gjøvik for Norsk Akevittfestival

October 1st-3rd

GJØVIK  2020

10 year anniversary

The Norwegian Aquavit Festival is based on the Norwegian Aquavit that we´ve got historical ownership to here in Gjøvik. With great drinks, music, food, art and culture, we will celebrate three days to end!
Of course, the festival is also suitable for those who should not like aquavit. We've got an exciting and varied festival program that is centred around Norwegian food and drink. Whether you like good aquavit in the glass, good music or know how to appreciate a lively festival, the Norwegian Aquavit Festival is the right place to be this fall weekend!



Food Conference "Mersmak"

1:00pm - Samfundet

Art Exhibition Opening; Festival Artists of the Year

4:00pm - 7:00pm - Kauffeldtgården | Kari Oline Øverseth & Ansgar Ole Olsen

After work aquavit menu

5:00pm - 07:00pm - Smaus

Official Opening of Norsk Akevittfestival

6:00pm - Samfundet

Aquavit  lecture

6:00pm - Heim

Aquavit  Jam session

9:00pm - Hematt


Mætt ta mat - Food Market

10:00am - 6:00pm - Main street & CC Gjøvik 

Art Exhibition - Festival Artists of the Year

11:00am - 4:00 pm - Kauffeldtgården | Kari Oline Øverseth & Ansgar Ole Olsen

Beer Pop-up Shop

12:00pm - 6:00pm Main street  

Departure Aquavit Train from Oslo Central Station

12:02pm - Oslo S - Gjøvik 

Taste Pavillion - Aquavit & Beer

1:00pm - 6:00 pm Jernbanetorget | Entertainment & lectures

Aquavit cocktail bar

3:00pm - Quality Hotel Strand

Aquavit Tent of Fahlstrøm

3:30pm - Fahlstrømteltet  Live music / food / drinks

"Fra potet til sprit" - Tour of Aquavit Distillery

5:00pm - Hoff AS

Aquavit & Chocolate

5:00pm - Gjøvik Chocolatefactory

Beer tasting with indonesian cuisine

6:00pm - Kaffka

BBQ-evening outdoor

6:00pm - Egon

History lecture of aquavit

6:00pm - Hematt

Aquavitlecture and à la carte

6:30pm - 37eatery

Festivity dinner with aquavitmenu & lecture

6:30pm - Smaus

Viva l´ Aquavitae - italian festivity  dinne

7:00pm - Fauno. Café Vinbar Pizzerria

Aquavit tasting

7:00pm - Heim

Main festivaltent opens

8:00pm - Jernbanetorget

Aquavit Path

8:00pm - Starts at PI-taket 

Double Concert with Spelloppmaker / Staysman & Lazz

10:00pm - Jernbanetorvet (concert tent opens at 8:00pm)   |  ticket w/wo buffet

Retro-rock party with Riot Boots

10:00pm - The sound og 70s and 80s - Kaffka

Rune Bakkelund

10:00pm - Hematt

Hans Magnar og Jim

10:00pm - Khalles Corner


Mætt ta mat - Food Market

10:00am - 6:00pm - Main street & CC Gjøvik 

Art Exhibition - Festival Artists of the Year

11:00am - 4:00pm Kauffeldtgården | Kari Oline Øverseth & Ansgar Ole Olsen

Coffe, Aquavit & Beer - Solberg & Hansen

11:00am - Kaffka

Beer Pop-up Shop

12:00pm - 6:00 pm - Main street  

"Fra potet til sprit" - Tour of Aquavit Distillery

12:30pm - Hoff AS

Tour and Aquavit Lecture at Gjøvik Gård

12:30pm - Gjøvik Gård

Taste Pavillion - Beer and Aquavit

1:00pm- 6:00pm - Jernbanetorget | Entertainment & lectures

Aquavit Tent of Fahlstrøm

1:00pm - Fahlstrømteltet Live music / food / drinks

Ceremony, Beer Brewing Contest Winners 

1:45pm - Akevittscena, Postplassen

Chef Cook-off

2:00pm - Akevittscena, CC Gjøvik

Jenny  Augusta

2:00pm - Kaffka

Beer lecture

3:00pm - Kaffka

"Fra potet til sprit" - Tour of Aquavit Distillery

3:00pm - Hoff AS

Tour and Aquavit Lecture at Gjøvik Gård

3.00pm - Gjøvik Gård

Tour and aquavit lecture at Gjøvik Gård w/Halvor Heuch

3:00pm - Gjøvik Gård

Aquavit Tasting by Arcus

4:00pm - Krutt Espressobar, CC Gjøvik

Aquavit & Chocolate

5:00pm - Gjøvik Chokolade, main street

Festivity Dinner

5:00pm - Heim

Local Stories: Spirits and Glass History

5:00pm - Holmen Brænderi

Aquavit cocktail bar

5:00pm - Quality Hotel Strand

4-course Dinner with the Governor

6:00pm - Ditlevines utsikt. Exclusive tasting of the new  Amtmann's Aquavit.

5-course Dinner with Hellstrøm and Aquavitcocktailparty

6:00pm - Samfundet

Festivity Dinner

6:30pm - 37eatery

BBQ-evening outdoor

6:00pm - Egon

Festivity Dinner with aquavit historian Gotmar Rustad

6:00pm - Fahlstrøm Bar & Grill

3-course festivity dinner with aquavit lecture

6:00pm - Quality hotel Strand

Circus Blunck

6:00pm - Fjellhaven. Doors open at 5:00pm, show starts 6:00pm

Festivity Dinner with aquavit menu & lecture

6:30pm - Smaus

Festivity Dinner at Mølla with Halvor Heuch

7:00pm - Mølla Selskapslokaler. 

Aquavit in A major

7:00pm - Fauno bar café & pizzeria

Double Concert with Return & Stage Dolls

10:00pm - Jernbanetorvet (tent opens at 8:00pm)   |  ticket w/wo buffet

Irish aquavit with The Joys of spring

10:00pm - Khalles Corner

Jelly Roll men blues evening

10:00pm - Kaffka

Aquavit jam session

11:00pm - Hematt