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Largest spirit tasting event

Gjøvik Olympic Mountain Hall | Saturday, October 12th | 13.00 (01 pm)


Norwegian laws do not allow giving away alcohol and therefore tickets will be sold in advance of the attempt. 3000 tickets is up for sale, ticket price 10 euro.


The doors open at 12.00 - and participants enter the hall, the doors are closed at. 12.45.

We will then be informed how many participants have passed the door counters.

The participants pass a ticket system by ticket check which will give us the number of people present with a valid ticket. The number of people present will also be announced from the stage.


All participants will be standing at tables and have 5 tastings of 0.5 cl and a sheet explaining what they will be tasting. There will be joint tasting and conferences will guide us through the experiment. In Norway it is not allowed to serve liquor before 13.00 – we will have guards to make sure no one touches the glasses before this.


When the tasting is over, conferences will introduce the judge from the Guinness World Record who will award the diploma to the festival manager. 


A press release is immediately sent out by the press officer.

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